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As Impeachment Inquiry Intensifies, Trump Triples The Rate He Lies At To The American People

As Impeachment Inquiry Intensifies, Trump Triples The Rate He Lies At To The American People

President Donald Trump lies to the American people, several times, on a daily basis. That’s not exactly news to many observers of the president’s behavior. But the rate at which he tells lies or makes misleading statements has intensified in recent weeks, due perhaps primarily to concerns he has about an impeachment inquiry looking into his conduct while in office.

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When Trump crossed the threshold into 5,000 lies or misleading statements since taking office, he was 601 days into his presidency, in September of 2018. As of October 9 of this year — his 993rd day in office — Trump has lied at least 13,435 times, according to a tally kept up-to-date by the Washington Post.

In the past two months alone, according to the Post’s most recent analysis, Trump has lied or misled the American people about 22 times per day. That’s shy of being three times as much as he lied just 11 months ago.

For the entirety of his presidency, Trump has lied or misled Americans with 14 errant statements per day. About one-fifth of the claims he’s made were about the topic of immigration, but recently his lies have focused on a new issue: his own impeachment.

The impeachment inquiry began in late September of this year after media reports detailed a whistleblower’s complaint to the inspector general of the intelligence community. In that complaint, it was alleged that Trump pressured a foreign leader to open an investigation into political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, days after withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid from that country.

In trying to defend himself from those allegations, Trump has increased the number of times he tweets per day. Many of those tweets contain damaging accusations against Biden, in an attempt by Trump to justify his behavior, but which also makes what the Associated Press has described as “unsubstantiated” claims against the former vice president.

Earlier this month, Trump also attacked Rep. Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, which is leading the impeachment inquiry. The president claimed, without providing proof of any kind, that the whistleblower’s complaint was actually authored by Schiff himself.

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