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As Gov. Kemp Opens The State Back Up, Poll Finds Most Georgians Oppose Ending Stay-At-Home Orders

As Gov. Kemp Opens The State Back Up, Poll Finds Most Georgians Oppose Ending Stay-At-Home Orders

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has reopened his state’s businesses, doing so in a move that even President Donald Trump said he disapproves of (although, Trump also was in favor of it, too).

Polling from Georgia residents now indicates that opposition to Kemp’s actions aren’t just emanating from outside the state, but from within it as well.

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According to a University of Georgia survey conducted last week, 62 percent of Georgians disapprove of Kemp’s decision to “reopen” the state — that is, to end social distancing rules that were implemented in order to quell the spread of coronavirus. Less than a quarter of residents (24 percent) say they approve of the move.

Most want the stay-at-home order that was in place to remain. Indeed, 76 percent of respondents in the poll said they favored the order, while a strikingly small number — just 9 percent — said they oppose it.

And as a scheduled election is set to commence in May, most residents say they want to see that event postponed, or failing that, made into a mail-only event. Sixty-two percent of Georgians back that idea, while only 16 percent say they oppose it.

Health experts across the country are decrying plans for states in several areas, not just Georgia, reopening their economies. Most models that are predicting how many people get sick or die from coronavirus are revising their numbers upward — many of those models are basing their projections on states continuing social distancing standards until summertime.

Several members of the president’s own coronavirus task force have said social distancing needs to stay in place for a few more months to be effective. “Social distancing will be with us through the summer to really ensure that we protect one another as we move through these phases,” Dr. Deborah Birx has said.

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