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As COVID Cases Explode, Pence Says “We’re in a Much Better Place Than We Were Two Months Ago”

As COVID Cases Explode, Pence Says “We’re in a Much Better Place Than We Were Two Months Ago”

It’s been nearly two months since the White House Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing. On Wednesday, the country saw a record 39,327 new cases. With the rapid increase of positive tests, Mike Pence, along with Dr.’s Fauci and Birx were there to meet with reporters.

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To hear Mike Pence talk during the briefing, however, one might not think there was a problem at all. The Vice President repeatedly downplayed the rise in cases and said the conditions are much better now than they were.

During his opening statement, Pence told reporters, “There may be a tendency among Americans to think we’re in a time of great losses and great hardship on the American people, like we were two months ago. But in reality, we’re in a much better place.”

Pence also claimed that the current surge in cases is different than the one back in March and April. “I think there will be a temptation for people to look at the Sunbelt states that have been reopening and putting people back to work. We’re seeing more and more young people, under the age of 35, who are testing positive.”

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The Vice President was also questioned about the President’s recent rally in Oklahoma. CBS’ Paula Reid asked the Vice President, “You’re telling people to listen to local officials, but in Tulsa you defied them to have an event that resulted in dozen of people being quarantined. How can you say the campaign isn’t part of the problem?” Pence responded, “Well, freedom of speech is in the constitution.”

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