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Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises CA Voters for Retaining Gavin Newsom Over ‘Disastrous’ GOP Candidates

Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises CA Voters for Retaining Gavin Newsom Over ‘Disastrous’ GOP Candidates

Back in 2003, California voters were faced with the choice of whether or not they wanted to recall Governor Gray Davis. They chose to do so and his replacement was Republican and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Just this week, California voters again participated in a recall vote. This time around, they decided to retain Democrat Gavin Newsom in resounding fashion. Schwarzenegger recently praised these voters in resounding fashion.

While he is a Republican, Schwarzenegger has been a critic of many GOP lawmakers, especially Donald Trump. He told the LA Times, “I think voters made the right decision. It’s better to stay with someone who you know what they’re going to do, rather than someone who comes in wacky and is changing everything around.”

Schwarzenegger also drew parallels to this election and the one that allowed him to take office. “People were clearly dissatisfied with the governor, with Sacramento,” he said. “You cannot put everything just on Newsom; people felt we have not really moved forward as a state in a way that was promised, so they were angry. There’s no difference than there was under Gray Davis.”

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Unlike many other Republicans, the former Governor is strongly behind protecting the environment. He also noted this was a huge factor for California voters, saying, “The voters want to protect the environment. We have the strictest environmental laws in California, and we have proven to the world that you can have strictest environmental laws and at same time be the most successful economy.”


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