Arnold Schwarzenegger Likens 1/6 Insurrection to the Rise of Nazism [VIDEO]

It is no secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Republican. The movie star served as the GOP governor of the state of California for 8 years.

BARCELONA, SPAIN – SEPTEMBER 20: Arnold Schwarzenegger attends a press conference for Arnold Classic Europe 2019 at the theater Victoria on September 20, 2019 in a Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images) 

But Schwarzenegger will happily tell you that he is a Reagan Republican and not a Trump Republican. As a result he has been very critical of the 45th president.

During a recent CNN interview with Dana Bash, the former governor discussed the seriousness of the recent insurrection, likening it to the rise of Nazism in Germany.

Schwarzenegger told the host, “[the insurrection was] what happens to when people are being lied to about the elections. This is so much kind of a feeling of what they were talking about when we were talking about in a Nazi time of when people were lied to all the time and what that led to.”

The former governor continued also talked about the current political divide in the country:

“I’m worried about both parties. Both parties need to come together and work together because you cannot have just run the country on 50% of the brainpower. You need 100% of the brainpower. So therefore, you need Republican ideas when you do health care reform. You need Democratic ideas when you do health care reform. And You need Republican ideas when you do the infrastructure. You need Democratic ideas when you do the infrastructure.”


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