Arizona State Senate GOP Whip Orders People Using Mail-In Voting to ‘Get Off Your Lazy Ass’

Millions of Americans vote by mail, much to the chagrin of a significant number of Republican lawmakers, and one of them has declared that he is sick and tired of democracy being convenient for everyone.


Earlier this week, Arizona State Senate Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli (R-5th District) – whose record on voting rights is predictably abysmal – threw a tantrum during a discussion with right-wing radio host Josh Bernstein, claiming that he is “offended” that people use mail-in voting and that those who do are lazy and unpatriotic.

“If you can’t get off your, your festeris – I’m gonna quote my grandfather – if you can’t get off your festeris and go down there and vote – it was my grandfather, he was Sicilian – if you can’t get off your butt and go down and vote on three weeks of early voting, or if you can’t stand in line on Election Day, I’m offended by that,” Borrelli griped.

He then insisted that mail-in voting should be eliminated because in Iraq, people vote in person.

“Because here’s the thing. How much American blood and treasure was spent on giving, on allowing Iraqi women the first time to vote for their entire life? And by the way, we have American troops standing and guarding those voters in line, and how do they vote? They put their finger in ink and they put it on the ballot. They risk their lives to go vote. We spent American blood and treasure for that and you can’t get off your lazy ass and go and vote during early voting? You gotta do it via mail? It’s ridiculous,” Borrelli whined.

“I think it’s tuchus in Yiddish, by the way,” Bernstein interjected. “It’s tuchus in Yiddish.”

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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