Arizona Sex Offender Accused of Threatening to Kill Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff, one of the lead prosecutors in the Donald Trump impeachment trial, has drawn the ire of many Republicans. He is a frequent target of the President who refers to him as “Little Adam” and claims the congressman has embellished facts about his call with Volodmyr Zelensky.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Accordingly, Schiff is also a frequent target of the pundits on Fox News. An Arizona man is accused of making terroristic threats against the California lawmaker after watching on of these segments.

The man is 52 year old Jan Peter Meister, who is also registered as a sex offender. While watching Fox News, Meister looked up Schiff’s phone number. He allegedly left a message that said, “I’m gonna f*cking blow your brains out you f*cking piece of sh*t.”

A court filing from Arizona reads, “Agents explained that the call was to Congressman Adam Schiff. Meister responded that he watches Fox News and likely was upset at something that he saw on the news. He stated that he strongly dislikes the Democrats, and feels they are to blame for the country’s political issues.”

A sweep of the man’s house found him to be in possession of an AR-15 rifle. As a felon, he cannot legally own that firearm. Meister faces up to 15 years in prison on multiple charges.

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