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Arizona Senator Suggests “Killing Tyrants” Is “What We Do” As Americans

Arizona Senator Suggests “Killing Tyrants” Is “What We Do” As Americans

What is America? The Constitution, apple pie, bald eagles? A strong sense of community and unity, a melting pot, or rugged individualism? A land of opportunity, with freedom and justice for all? There are almost as many opinions about what defines America as there are Americans — but Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers has a position that stands out. For her, America is about killing tyrants — “It’s what we do.” As for the Constitution and a governmental system of checks and balances to ensure freedom? No again — the way that America preserves freedom, she says, is the killing of tyrants.

[Image via Wendy Rogers/Facebook]

Rogers cited the American revolution in her social media posts, referencing the July 4th celebration of America’s independence from England. To be fair, as can be expected from a revolution, it was a bloody one. Soldiers on both sides died, and perhaps when she refers to ‘tyrants’ Rogers refers to the representatives of England, those who fought on colonial land to maintain control, almost a quarter of a century ago. If she’s talking about the ruler himself, though, as the word ‘tyrant’ indicates, someone should maybe reach out and let her know that the King of England survived the fight.

Of course, historical revisionism is the least of the problems with Wendy’s tweets — what’s most concerning is that she seems to be suggesting this as an ongoing remedy, not just a viewpoint of history. She’s not saying that killing tyrants set America free, she’s declaring it as “what we do” — in the present progressive tense. She doesn’t describe it as how America gained liberty, but “how we preserve liberty” — again in the present and ongoing.

Who makes Rogers’ tyranny list? Let’s check a few of her older tweets.

Terry McAuliffe is a tyrant, apparently, for not letting parents control what books can be in schools.

In fact, school boards that implemented safety measures in a pandemic are on her list, too.

Not just school boards, but pretty much anyone who promoted health and safety precautions.

And of course, one of her favorites, perhaps even at the top of her list — President Joe Biden.

How does an elected official come to the conclusion that it’s a good idea to label a long list of folks as “tyrants,” then tweet to her followers that America is all about “killing tyrants,” anyway?

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