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Arizona Seeks to Use Auschwitz Gas to Execute Prisoners

Arizona Seeks to Use Auschwitz Gas to Execute Prisoners

The “pro-life” death cult that is the modern Republican Party is always scheming over new ways to kill people, but a recent move by the GOP in Arizona is distinctly disturbing.

According to documents obtained via public record requests by The Guardian on Friday, the Grand Canyon State Department of Corrections reportedly wants to use hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN) – the same lethal pesticide concoction that the Nazis employed to murder more than a million people at the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, among others – to carry out executions for death row inmates.

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“Arizona’s department of corrections has spent more than $2,000 in procuring the ingredients to make cyanide gas. The department bought a solid brick of potassium cyanide in December for $1,530. It also purchased sodium hydroxide pellets and sulfuric acid which are intended to be used to generate the deadly gas. The gas chamber itself, built in 1949 and disused for 22 years, has been dusted off and, according to the department, ‘refurbished,'” the paper discovered.

“Over the past few months the Republican-controlled state has moved aggressively to restart its deeply flawed execution system. The death penalty has been in abeyance in Arizona for seven years following the gruesomely botched lethal injection of Joseph Wood in 2014,” The Guardian added.

During the Holocaust, the toxic mixture was branded as Zyklon B, and it was the mass-murdering chemical weapon of choice for the Third Reich.

Poisoning by Zyklon B is a horrific way to die.

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“You have to wonder what Arizona was thinking in believing that in 2021 it is acceptable to execute people in a gas chamber with cyanide gas. Did they have anybody study the history of the Holocaust?” Robert Dunham, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, said in a statement.

Read The Guardian‘s full report here.

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