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Arizona Republican Invokes AIDS in Rant Against Masks: ‘No Masks Were Required’

Arizona Republican Invokes AIDS in Rant Against Masks: ‘No Masks Were Required’

Freshman Republican Arizona State Representative Joseph Chaplik (Scottsdale) on Wednesday went on a bizarre and ignorant tirade against mask mandates during a debate on House Bill 2770 in the State House of Representatives – which Chaplik sponsored – on whether businesses should have to adhere to certain public health guidelines.


“It’s about the individual rights of these business owners as Americans,” Chaplik said of the legislation.

During the discussion, Democratic State Representative Randall Friese (Tuscon), a medical doctor, had said that along with handwashing and social distancing, masks are “very basic, important tools” to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Chaplik opted to rebut Fries’s science-based point with the worst possible argument – that masks were not needed during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s – to make his case.

His statement was borderline incoherent.

“Doctor Friese said that masks saves lives and stops the virus – the polio, the smallpox, the measels – the typhoid – the HIV that was gonna wipe our global destruction of human bodies with AIDS,” said Chaplik. “We heard about that in the ’80s, yet no masks were required.”

Watch below via Analise Ortiz:

How a sentient adult in 2021 is unaware that HIV cannot be transmitted through the air or through close contact is frightening.

But even more disturbing about what was said is that Chaplik’s idiocy worked.

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The Arizona House passed HB 2770 31-28 along party lines.

Tuscon.com noted:

The vote came over the objections of several lawmakers who said the measure ignores evidence of how masks, properly worn, help curb the spread of the coronavirus that has so far killed half a million people in the United States, including more than 16,000 in Arizona.

Chapik also cited other red states – many of which are seeing spikes in cases – as examples of why mask mandates are not needed.

“Nebraska never had a mask mandate,” he said, adding that Mississippi and Georgia have also forgone mask mandates. “I would think that based on these arguments these states would have dead people piled up all over their state because no one else would be living because no one has masks on.”

Read the full story here.

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