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Arizona Lawmaker Wants States To Lose Congressional Representation Over Pandemic Safety

Arizona Lawmaker Wants States To Lose Congressional Representation Over Pandemic Safety

A subset of Republican elected officials keep promoting a lot of political ideas that don’t really jibe with reality or the Constitution, like the false idea that Donald Trump can somehow be ‘reinstated’ as President and win a ‘third term’ as well, or the idea that a state can lose its Congressional representation or electoral votes for enacting pandemic precautions.

[Photo by Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call].

At the moment, Wendy Rogers is that subset.

While declarations like this could be written off as demonstrating complete ignorance of the Constitution or as elevating internet trolling to a higher value than honestly representing one’s constituents, Rogers, a state senator for Arizona, is providing plenty of reason for concern.

Her rhetoric isn’t just appealing to a small group of MAGA adherents who don’t know any better than to believe that reinstatement and a ‘third term’ are a real thing — it’s also promoting anti-science, bigotry, and defiance of state laws.

CNN reported yesterday that the state of Hawaii is considering requiring COVID-19 booster shots for visitors to the islands. Hawaii, of course, is a significant tourism destination, where the number of visitors in a single month can approach the number of citizens of the state. When those tourists arrive bearing a viral load, the state could be hit hard.

Still, Rogers is upset enough by a state making its own decisions for the safety of its people that she says Hawaii should be stripped of not only Congressional representation, but electoral votes.

Like her own state of Arizona, Hawaii cast those votes in 2020 for Joe Biden to become President of the United States — something Rogers seems to find so unforgivable that she’s still attacking her own state’s elections and pretending that the outcome will eventually be reversed.

While there’s no provision in U.S. law for stripping a state of representation because it takes action on public health, this rhetoric showcases the degree to which a significant portion of one political party is ready and willing to disenfranchise voters, and will seek out any excuse to do so for Donald Trump’s gain.

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