Arizona GOP Asks: Are You Ready And Willing To Die For Trump?

The Arizona Republican Party tweeted Tuesday to suggest voters should prove their loyalty. Are you willing to give your life, the party questioned, for the fight to keep Donald Trump in office?

Arizona GOP calls for Trump supporters to sacrifice lives for him.
[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]

Mother Jones ran a short profile on some of the ‘Stop the Steal’ activists who are peddling the false claim that Donald Trump actually won the election. Ali Alexander is among them. He’s connected to Jacob Wohl, troll and scam artist, who was recently indicted on charges for making robocalls to try to disrupt the election.

On Monday evening, Alexander tweeted about the election, declaring, “I am willing to give my life for this fight,” amidst a number of tweets and retweets about the election, protests, and “handing over power” to Biden’s administration.

The Arizona Republican Party’s official, blue-checkmark Twitter account boosted this, asking the public if they, too, were ready and willing to give their lives for Trump and the ‘fight’ to keep him in office.

Arizona GOP asks people to die for Trump
[Screenshot via Arizona Republican Party/Twitter]

The account has been pushing the conspiracy theories, asking legislators to decertify the election (Biden won Arizona’s electoral votes) and generally supporting any barrel-bottom grasp-of-straws that would keep Donald Trump in office after he lost the election.

However, asking voters to be prepared to sacrifice their lives to keep a president in office after he was voted out takes things to a new extreme, demanding loyalty and devotion to a single individual rather than to a nation or to its people or ideals.

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