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Ariana Grande Scathingly Rebukes Piers Morgan on Twitter for His Attacks on Women

Ariana Grande Scathingly Rebukes Piers Morgan on Twitter for His Attacks on Women

As long as you are an organism on planet Earth then you very likely know exactly who singer, songwriter, and actress Ariana Grande is.  She has become a pop culture icon mostly because of her tremendous talent and activism on various social issues.

Another less-known, but still famous individual, Piers Morgan, recently used his fame to make his opinions on various celebrity women be known, and it has backfired in tremendous fashion.

It started when Morgan decided to attack Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter on Monday, with this tweet:

Then he took his attack on powerful females even further with a tweet directed at the female musician group ‘Little Mix’ for posing nude in their recent music video ‘Strip ft. Sharaya J’.

This is when the mother of Ariana Grande, Joan Grande took offense and defended both Ellen DeGeneres and Little Mix with a tweet of her own. Piers Morgan then fired back, once again taking aim at these women for a second time.

That’s when Ariana Grande came to the defense of Ellen and scathingly put Piers Morgan in his place with a series of tweets of her own.

Her response caused Twitter users everywhere to go on the attack of Morgan for his misogynist statements, but that didn’t stop Morgan from continuing with his female-attacking tweets.

Within minutes “Piers Morgan” began trending on Twitter, leaving many users questioning just who gave Piers Morgan the right to tell young women how they can and can not sell their records.

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