Ariana Grande: ‘One Last Time’ Single Review

“Love Me Harder” is not easy to forget. This Ariana Grande smash hit still dominates the airwaves and continues to slay the charts. While it is not easy to surpass Ariana Grande’s previous hits, “One Last Time” has the mark of a hit written all over it. After all, David Guetta produced it, so we can only anticipate the best.

Listening to the song shows just how intensely promising Ariana is. With hits coming one after the other, she really is the diva to beat today. Her album My Everything is competing for a Grammy, where by the way she will also be performing. What else could she ask for? However, as the iconic quote goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Ariana is on her way to the top; therefore, each move she makes from now on must always be stellar.

Fortunately for her,“One Last Time” is an excellent addition to her list of hit songs. Its astounding musical production is effortlessly matched by her singer’s sultry voice. Also, after the lyrical ambivalence of “Love Me Harder,” here comes a song that actually means something. It’s about admitting your shortcomings in a previous relationship, and trying to make up for it. However, doesn’t it sound a bit pathetic when your ex-lover tells you, “Need to be the one who takes you home / One more time / I promise after that, I’ll let you go.”

There is no denying Ariana Grande’s vocal capabilities. She can transform an empty song into a masterpiece, and not many artists today can do it, so Ariana is really blessed to have the skill. On another note, Ariana songs have the ability to take listeners to new dimensions. The pounding beat of “One Last Time” can make a person imagine so many things, and even picture the kind of video that would be appropriate for the song.

Ariana is a technically gifted singer blessed with beautiful songs. For that reason alone, “One Last Time” already is another feather in Ariana’s cap. Max Landis, the director who spilled the beans for Ariana’s single, now has the pressure to come up with an excellent music video for it.