‘Are You Going After Mr. Rogers Next?’ Twitter Trolls Cruz For Trolling Dan Rather

Ted Cruz has been doing a whole lot of busy work instead of his actual job working for the people of Texas. When he’s not bringing frivolous cases against Major League Baseball, Cruz is working overtime to make people forget he abandoned his state in the middle of the worst winter storm in a decade by tweeting even worse things as a distraction.

For some reason, Cruz thought it was a good idea on Thursday to quote-tweet Dan Rather, one of the most beloved and respected journalists in modern American history, and troll him instead of just not saying anything. It wasn’t long before Twitter chose sides, and it’s no spoiler to say the majority is firmly on the side of the esteemed TV newsman instead of the guy who remained loyal to a man who called his wife a dog on national television.

Dan Rather – Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/charliellewellin/456646092

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Dan Rather has also emerged as a talented Twitter user, often dropping one-liners that instantly go viral because people get caught off guard by his masterful use of shade. This is the tweet that set off the delicate flower that is Ted Cruz.

Instead of leaving it alone, Cruz blew it up.

To call Dan Rather “a professional liar” is the epitome of hypocrisy. There is literally a “#LyinTed” trend. There was a series of brilliant anti-Cruz political ads directed by Richard Linklater that ended with “C’mon, TED”, which was basically Twitter’s response to Cruz’s disrespectful tweet.

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Check out some of the better responses to the new thing Cruz is pretending to care about.

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