Are Trump’s Supporters Racist Morons? Trump Seems To Think So

Twitter slapped another disclaimer on a Trump tweet.  The label reads, “manipulated” on a video Trump tweeted. The video is of a black toddler running from a white toddler with a fake CNN caption that reads “Terrified toddler runs from racist baby.” Then in the next clip, it shows the two toddlers hugging and playing with each other with the caption, “What Really Happened.”

Trump defenders are arguing that CNN faked the video, in order to, make Trump look racist. There is no evidence that CNN faked anything. The original story was done by CNN showing the toddlers playing and having a friendship. It was a puff piece in the eyes of many done in 2019. In the eyes of many, this is an example of how insensitive Trump and his team are. The fact that the video was released on Juneteenth is even more jarring. The video has been removed.

For many, it also shows that Trump thinks very little of his own supporters. Many point out that he seems to think his supporters will believe anything. It is obvious to many that Trump aims to get his supporters to hate actual news and accept his lies. Trump’s lies are what led to Twitter labeling his tweets in the first place. It was a decision that offended many Trump defenders but was seen as not far enough for others.

For many, Trump’s belief that his supporters are gullible enough to believe that a baby could be racist tells all we need to know about how he sees his voters.

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