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Are Data Rooms as Secure as Many Believe Them to Be?

Are Data Rooms as Secure as Many Believe Them to Be?

Virtual data rooms have practically replaced the traditional (paper) form of office management because it is a guaranteed easy, convenient, and secure way to store, share, and access a company’s confidential documents.

But are data rooms as secure as many believe them to be? Read further if you’d like to learn more about the features that make a virtual data room safe.

Top Security Features to Look Out for Before Purchasing a Virtual Data Room

Whether you are looking to purchase an online data room for M&A deals with other companies or store your company’s sensitive data, security should be the top feature to consider.

Well, some of the top security features to look out for before purchasing an online data room, shall we?

  1. Top of the Line Encryption Methods

Encryption is the process of encoding information so that only authorized parties can understand or have access. It is one of the best methods of preventing your company’s confidential information from landing in the wrong hands.

A top-notch virtual data room provider should provide advanced encryption methods to protect your business’s important documents from unauthorized individuals.

Some of these encryption methods include:

  • The use of advanced encryption keys like the 256 bit with strong combinations, making it almost impossible for any hacker to gain access to your documents.
  • Encrypting files sent to a particular virtual data room, such that only individuals with the correct ID and password can access the files.
  • The Ability to Document Every Activity Taking Place Within an Online Data Room

A good online data room can document every activity taking place inside a particular virtual data room. From the location different users log in to the type of IP of device used to log in, the users’ IP addresses, how many times a particular user has logged in and viewed a specific document, to mention a few.

All the information makes it easy for you to detect any suspicious activities that may be putting your business’s sensitive data at the risk of being exposed.

  • Advanced Document Permission and Viewer Restriction Settings

A secure virtual data room should also allow you to protect some of your company’s information from certain people in your company. Features like “View Only” can enable you to restrict some people from downloading or editing your business’s documents.

A good virtual data room should also enable you to set your documents so that only authorized individuals within your company can view them. It could be the use of passwords or other restriction settings.

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Since virtual data rooms are cloud-based online settings for document distribution and storage, they should be compliant with the international guidelines set to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) when stored in clouds.

When choosing the ideal online data room for your company, ensure that it is ISO 27081 compliant, which is the international compliance standard to provide safe storage of Personal Identifiable Information in the cloud.

Experts consider ISO 27081 the highest compliance standard compared to ISO 27001, ISO 27018.


Virtual data rooms have come a long in providing a secure online setting where companies can conveniently store and distribute sensitive information to authorized parties.

If you are searching for the ideal online data room for your company, try www.firmex.com, one of the top-notch online data room providers available today.

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