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Archival Footage Paints A Picture Of Mark Judge: Bikinis, Bras, And Obama Pamphlets Included

Archival Footage Paints A Picture Of Mark Judge: Bikinis, Bras, And Obama Pamphlets Included

Brett Kavanaugh’s long-time friend Mark Judge has been thrust into the spotlight following accusations of assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Despite intense public pressure to come forward, Judge has managed to stay mostly silent about the events that allegedly transpired.

Ford claims that Judge was in the room when Kavanaugh attempted to rape her, first groping the alleged victim and then attempting to remove her clothes while placing his hand over her mouth. Dr. Ford claims it was Judge jumping on Kavanaugh that allowed her to escape the room.

Mark Judge, for his part, hasn’t denied the allegation, instead, stating that he has no memory of the event that allegedly took place.

CNN was able to obtain 20 videos apparently made by Judge that had been archived online through the Internet Archives project. The publication says some of the videos match the names given to posts made on Judge’s now-defunct Google Plus page.

Each video is short, clocking in around five minutes. The videos feature titles such as “My Subconscious (Outtakes). Most of the videos include a stream of consciousness approach to filmmaking.

Judge, in the videos, talks about philosophy, religion, and other topics.

In one video, Judge films a group of young women lying on a bed in bikinis. The video is titled, “An Autumn Day at Virginia Beach.” Judge titles another video “Book Review: Hugh Hefner Playboy.”

The video “My Subconscious (Outtakes)” features various scenes including a church Mass and footage of couples dancing. The video then cuts to a woman lying in her bra on a bed and another woman lying in bed covered in political pamphlets that read “Obama’s Betrayal of Israel.”

Free speech activist Nathan Bernard shared several screenshots from the videos:

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Not all of the videos feature scantily clad women. In one piece of footage, Judge talks about the book “The Evidential Power of Beauty” by Thomas Dubay.

“We’re spiritual creatures, unlike animals, and when we see forms like a flower or great architecture or a pretty face, we can see both its form but also penetrate through to its spiritual core, which is why if we are alive to beauty as Father Dubay says, we will be sort of seized and raptured by something beautiful,” Judge says.

Judge’s attorney was approached by CNN. Barbara Van Gelder tells the news network: “Mr. Judge took down his YouTube site several weeks ago. Someone has inappropriately uploaded old Mark Judge videos without Mark Judge’s knowledge or consent. We will be reporting this matter to YouTube and we request that you do not republish these unauthorized videos.”

Judge also shows his defiance for the rules when he films a scene at Georgetown Prep. While dropping off one of his father’s paintings to be auctioned off for the school, Judge says in no deleted footage:

“I know they’ve asked me not to film here, they’ve told me not to film here. They’ve explained the legal ramifications of filming here, but this was part of my past and these videos are part of my history, so bring on the lawyers.”

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Mark Judge but it appears, he’s still in defiance of the rules, as his Georgetown Prep filming suggests.

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