Arash feat. Helena: ‘Broken Angel’ Single Review

It is safe to say, I have no clue what Arash is singing in his single, “Broken Angel” featuring Helena. It could be the fact that he is singing in a whole different language. Nevertheless, I find this song packed with emotion. The backstory about this song is that Arash is dead from a car crash that happened years ago. Helena his wife is traumatically affected by this. She identifies herself as a broken angel throughout the whole song. Her depression beats at her daily. Arash is turned into an angel, and can only see his wife. Arash struggles with himself as this separation and loss of control take over. Overall, we end up with a pretty powerful song.

In the verses, Arash displays powerful emotions of love and despair. Even though I can’t understand what he is saying, I can feel him being torn apart from not being able to communicate with his wife. The drum beat in the song, laced with light synth and pad effects, just takes his voice to another level. It’s like one of those scenes where a person is reaching out their arm to another person but can’t reach them…yes…that deep.

The song’s chorus has got to be one of the most addicting pieces of music I’ve heard.  It could be the fact that the only English spoken part of this song is the chorus. Or maybe the perfect lineup of synth layers, mesmerizing vocals, and a solid single-strum rhythm. I dare you to not be singing the chorus after the song. Whatever you try to do, the chorus will find you, and you will be singing it.

So where does this leave us? Recapping on the song, I feel it identifies with people that struggle with grief. Grief is not an easy process in any circumstance. If it was easy, obviously we wouldn’t have called it grief. In grief, people can use music to build their world back up. I see someone using this song to get them through the hard times. It’s okay to be a broken angel, and it’s definitely ok to feel the way you are feeling. There can be times in this world that the need to rush grief is mandatory. I for one think that the only master of one’s emotions is themselves. I recommend this song to the broken angels out there. You are not alone.