Apple Music Gained 11 Million Users Since Launch

Apple Music just confirmed that 11 million people have signed up for the company’s free three-month trial. One of Apple Music’s executives stated they are “thrilled” with its numbers of users. The company’s main competitor is Spotify, which has 75 million users (20 million paid subscribers). Deezer has six million paid subscribers, Rhapsody recently reached three million paying users, and Jay Z’s Tidal has 770,000 paid users. Apple Music is hopeful when the three-month free service ends in September, those 11 million users will join as paying customers. To date, 800 million people have an iTunes account.

Starting in October, Apple Music will cost users $9.99 a month for single users. The company’s family plan costs $14.99 a month for up to six subscribers. Apple Music may be celebrating its 11 million free-trial users, but the company must fix its glitches before the official launch in October. The company’s messages boards are full of complaints regarding the music playlists. Some users complained their entire music library was erased, while others have stated music has been randomly added to their library. One user stated over 100 songs were erased from his library, and when he attempted to delete Apple Music, he wasn’t allowed. For the record, anyone who joins Apple Music’s free trial cannot cancel the service. The option to end the service will be allowed once the trial ends on September 30th.

Apple Music has done its best to offer users exclusive content, including new music by Pharrell Williams. The singer released his “Freedom” single exclusively through the streaming company. Williams and P. Diddy’s music video for “Finna Get Loose” will also premiere on Apple Music this week. The company’s Music Ambassador, Drake, debuted the world premiere of his diss track “Charged Up” on Apple Radio through the rapper’s OVO Sound radio station. The legendary Dr. Dre’s project entitled Compton: A Soundtrack will stream on Apple Music today. The album will officially drop on Friday, August 7th. Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and more will be featured on Compton: A Soundtrack. Dre stated that this will be his final album; the soundtrack was inspired by the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.