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Apparently Donald Trump Isn’t Getting Enough Praise For His Endorsements & His Feelings Are Hurt

Apparently Donald Trump Isn’t Getting Enough Praise For His Endorsements & His Feelings Are Hurt

Donald Trump thrives on praise. He has demonstrated clearly that he’s proud of the power he holds over the Republican Party, and if you’d like to earn his ire, just take a small jab at his ego.


It’s proven again in his Sunday-evening statement about his political endorsements. He’s made a list of them, and you can see the value some candidates place on them — for example, Alabama Representative Mo Brooks, who’s running for Senate, has changed his name on Twitter to reflect the former President’s support, and actually goes by the handle “Mo Brooks — Endorsed By President Trump” on the site, making sure to remind his followers with every tweet.

Still, Trump’s endorsement isn’t everything in the party — as guests on ABC‘s This Week discussed Sunday morning.

One guest was Sarah Isgur, who was an attorney with the Department of Justice during Trump’s term as President, and supported and defended some of his most controversial policies. Now, she suggests his power is waning.

In context, Chris Christie (R-NJ) was explaining that Trump’s priority is himself, not the party, and that his attacks on other Republicans (like Mitch McConnell) aren’t helpful for the party as a whole.

Isgur responded, saying that Trump’s attacks hurt candidates in their primaries, but, “when Donald Trump endorses a candidate, it actually doesn’t do much to help them,” and adding, “If his endorsement doesn’t mean anything, these voters aren’t following Donald Trump.”

Christie went on to offer data that backs this assertion, citing the Georgia race in which Trump-endorsed David Perdue’s is trailing behind Brian Kemp, despite Trump supporters’ ire at the latter over the 2020 election.

Still, all of this set Trump off, resulting in an angry statement.

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In his statement, released Sunday evening as the rest of the country focused on the Super Bowl, Trump demanded that the “low-rated political shows that plague our Sunday morning programming” recognize that his endorsement of candidates is in fact “much stronger” than it was before the 2020 election (or, in his words, the “2020 Election Scam”) and that “real pollsters” consider it to be the “strongest endorsement in U.S. political history.”

A Washington Post analysis last month assessed that Trump could be in for a lot of losses, if he keeps counting failed endorsements as blows, especially with one of his endorsed candidates having already dropped out of his race (Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania), and others struggling and trailing opponents.

Of course, facts don’t matter if you claim that every loss is proof of a ‘rigged election.’

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