AP Should be Embarrassed About Melania Trump “War-Time First Lady” Puff Piece – OP-ED

Melania Trump has been, at the very least, a controversial First Lady. In 2011, she was more than happy to join in on her husband’s racist birther conspiracy theory. She also drew criticism in 2018 for wearing an “I don’t care, do you?” jacket while her husband was locking migrant kids up in cages.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

To hear the Associated Press tell it, though, Melania’s First Lady gig has been on par with Eleanor Roosevelt or Michelle Obama. A recent article published by the AP lauded Trump for her coronavirus effort and referred to her as a “war-time First Lady.”

The article, written by Darlene Superville, is entitled: Melania Trump is having a moment during coronavirus pandemic. Nowhere online is it noted to be an opinion piece.

Superville lamented, “Her debut as a fundraiser for her husband’s reelection campaign was nixed, as was her annual spring break week with son Barron at the family’s Mar-a-Lago private club in Palm Beach, Florida.”

She also praised the First Lady for going against her husband’s moronic and dangerous advice. The author noted, “The first lady is also using her social media accounts to provide a steady stream of guidance and tips for coping under stay-at-home orders, including reposting CDC guidance about frequent hand-washing, keeping a social distance from others and other suggestions for avoiding infection.”

Melania Trump has done the absolute bare minimum that could be expected of a human being. If she had really hoped to make a difference. If she really wielded some unforeseen power over the President that has yet to be uncovered. The First Lady would have told him to listen to the Doctors urging him to begin mitigation efforts back in February.



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