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AOC Slams Kellyanne Conway for Questioning Her Christianity

AOC Slams Kellyanne Conway for Questioning Her Christianity

It almost seems as if here is no event that can occur in America without some Conservatives tying it back to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is criticized for both the things she does as well as not reacting strongly enough to other matters.

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During Kellyanne Conway’s appearance on CNN this weekend, the Trump surrogate claimed AOC made a bigger deal when a white supremacist massacred Muslims in Christchurch then she did when an ISIS affiliated bomber murdered Christians in Sri Lanka. Ocasio-Cortez ferociously fired back at Conway for questioning her Christianity.

Conway doubled down on the claims via Twitter, while answering a question from a follower. She wrote, “Wrong again. You can delete or apologize (holds breath). I was referring to @AOC silence about the Sri Lanka massacre of Christians (not “Easter Worshippers” as Obama and Hillary oddly said).”

Ocasio-Cortez responded by saying she was in still decimated Puerto Rico for the holiday. “On Easter I was away from tech visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico, which continues to suffer from the White House’s incompetent disaster response.” She then ripped into Conway for questioning her faith, “Are you trying to imply that I am less Christian? What was the point of you bringing this up on national TV?

The New York congresswoman also took Trump’s Counselor to task for implying that Democrats were trying to replace the word Christians with Easter Worshippers. She explained, “The terrorist attack in Sri Lanka was horrifying. Saying ‘Easter worshippers’ matters bc Easter is the holiest day of the year for Christians, & to be targeted on Easter highlights how heinous the attack was – just as saying yesterday’s San Diego shooting was on Passover.”

As a frequent Conservative target, Ocasio-Cortez has become quite adept at defending herself. After beginning the row, Conway has yet to reply back to AOC’s multiple tweets.

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