AOC Calls Out ‘False And Divisive Narrative’ In DNC Coverage of Bernie Nomination

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out Wednesday morning to address the coverage of the Democratic National Convention. Specifically, coverage of her nomination of Bernie Sanders gave the false impression that she was attempting to divide the party and opposing Joe Biden as a candidate. In fact, she was asked to endorse Sanders as a candidate, because he did get votes in the primary, and AOC was following procedural standards.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out news networks for divisive reporting
[Photo by DNCC via Getty Images]

NBC tweeted Tuesday evening to describe Ocasio-Cortez speaking for Bernie Sanders. “In one of the shortest speeches of the DNC, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez did not endorse Joe Biden.”

They weren’t the only network to report on her nomination. Vox, for instance, immediately followed their initial tweet, about AOC using her time “to make a bold call for systemic change,” with an explanation about procedure.

Fox News‘s Brian Kilmeade described this as “one of the biggest stories” and as AOC “endorsing” Bernie.

Ocasio-Cortez explained the procedural rule on her own social media pages Tuesday night, noting that a nomination is required for every candidate that gets enough delegates, and that she was asked to participate by speaking to second the nomination for Sanders.

NBC apologized for their error and issued a correction.

However, AOC called them out for waiting hours to issue a correction, for being “blatantly misleading,” and for the vitriol this sparked across other networks and social media. She also noted that the network had information in advance and knew what to expect and why.

She described the correcting tweet as an attempt to “slip under the radar” and asked the network for corrective action.

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