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Antivaxxer Candace Owens Is Releasing A Video Series To Share Her ‘Research’

Antivaxxer Candace Owens Is Releasing A Video Series To Share Her ‘Research’

Candace Owens has been one of the more vocal anti-vax voices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she’s turning that attention to routine childhood vaccines, and releasing a video series to share her views, which she’s presenting as ‘research.’

NASHVILLE, TN – JANUARY 04: Candace Owens hosts during a taping of “Candace” Hosted By Candace Owens on January 4, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Brett Carlsen./Getty Images)

Owens announced the series on her social media pages, saying that she has been researching for the project for two years, and indicating that the purpose is to give parents informed consent, though she stops short of actually alleging that they’ve been denied informed consent so far.

She added further thoughts on Instagram, saying, “maybe it’s [the] pregnancy hormones” that are pushing her to release this — “one of the biggest risks in [her] professional life” right now, but that she’s willing to “risk it all” for her unborn child.

If the Twitter announcement and the imagery used left Owens’ conclusions unclear, this bit on Instagram highlights the distrust of modern preventative medicine and the full-fledged dive into anti-vax conspiracy theories:

“Some time long ago we lost control over our children. Fear, data manipulation, and peer pressure replaced our commitment to research and ultimately, our understanding of informed consent when it came to the health decision being made for our children.
I can no longer stay silent.”

She promotes the videos as being free and says they’ll be dropped on her Parler account where there’s no “Big Pharma” interference and where she “can fully attest for the CEO.”

Presumably she can indeed vouch for the CEO, as the Independent reported last year that her husband was now filling that role, as Parler returned to app stores following the attack on the Capitol.

As a promotional tool, anti-vax conspiracy theories may be pretty effective — there are already people responding to tell Owens they’ve downloaded Parler for the first time, just to get access to her ‘research.’

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Dispelling any further doubts about just how open-minded Owens’ ‘research’ might have been, HITC has an episode list:

My very own shot in the dark
The Iron lung (Polio)
Problem meet solution meet problem (Vitamin K)
The experts: History of the FDA, CDC
Part 1: Sick is not dying (Measles Mumps and Rubella)
Part 2: We are not allowed to talk about Autism
The Non- experts: The mommy and #TheFutureIsFemale
Tetanus vs Plumbing
Sexually transmitted nonsense – Hep B HPV
90s Nostalgia (Varicella)
Pertussis, Pertussis
Suddenly! (SIDS)

She also makes her focus on “vaccine injuries” clear in a Parler post in which she thanks the site for not ‘censoring’ parents or ‘punishing’ them for sharing those stories.

Of course, even before COVID-19 and right-wing covid-denialism hit, there was no lack of anti-vax conspiracy theories and fearmongering on the internet, but she’s poised to provide a booster.

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