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Antivax Republican Goes Viral For Wondering Why So Many Young Adults Are Dying During Pandemic

Antivax Republican Goes Viral For Wondering Why So Many Young Adults Are Dying During Pandemic

“I thought this was parody. [I said to myself] there is no way the real Jim Banks tweeted this,” Adam Kinzinger says. But to the surprise of Kinzinger and pretty much anyone else who is aware both of Banks’ recent political activity and the seriousness of COVID-19, it was true: an elected Representative who has fought against COVID-19 precautions is now saying that the increasing death rate among adults aged 18-65 is something that needs to be ‘figured out.’

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Here’s how the Indiana Democratic Party described Jim Banks’ (R-IN) COVID-19 politics last year when he tweeted, “Unvaccinated lives matter!”

…if the Congressman truly believed in that statement, he would be advocating for proven, science-based measures (like masks) that would protect Hoosiers who have not yet received their vaccine. Instead, Banks has consistently demonized masks and vaccines just as Indiana has reached its “darkest time” in the fight against the coronavirus.

Yet when Banks encountered the news that the death rate was hitting the insurance industry, he shared WFMZ‘s reporting, which includes warnings that this will drive premiums up and affect the bottom line of businesses by passing on costs to employers who provide insurance to their employees — he was apparently taken by surprise,

“This is a catastrophe and we need to figure out why it’s happening,” he tweeted.

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was only one of the many who responded in astonishment that the right-wing politician couldn’t make the connection.

Others were quick to inform Banks that he had a role in this.

Plenty of others piled on to let Banks know that his question is actually answered in the news piece he linked.

If you’re thinking Banks listened to his constituents and learned anything, though, you need only look as far as his tweet the following day to be disillusioned:

That’s right — after worrying publicly that the increasing death rate due to the pandemic is going to cost businesses money, Banks is still tweeting the kind of anti-vax rhetoric that has the potential to do more harm still.

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