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Antisemitic Bigot Rick Wiles Says Americans ‘Are Oppressed by Jewish Tyrants’

Antisemitic Bigot Rick Wiles Says Americans ‘Are Oppressed by Jewish Tyrants’

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, an outspoken antisemite and homophobe, claimed on Wednesday that “Jewish tyrants” are oppressing the American people in order to “fund the homosexual, transgender mental illness campaign,” at whom Wiles and his bigoted followers so viciously direct their hate.


Wiles was enraged during his TruNews broadcast over threats from Jennifer Pritzker – the transgender billionaire heiress to Hyatt Hotels – that she would relocate her enterprises away from Tennessee if the state government enacts anti-LGBTQ legislation.

The segment began with Wiles referring to Pritzker as a man.

“Okay let’s put that man’s picture back up there. This is James Pritzker, and he or his family are the owners of the Hyatt hotel chain. So they’re billionaires -$29 billion – and they’re using their wealth to fund the homosexual, transgender mental illness campaign in America,” Wiles griped.

Wiles rhetorically asked one of his cohosts, whose name simply is not important enough to bother mentioning, “are the Ptizkers Presbyterians or Methodist,” knowing full well what the truth is.

Wiles answered his own question, awash in antisemitism.

“They’re Jewish. I’m shocked. Another rich Jew using his money to turn America into a perverted cesspool,” he said.

The other panelist, a near-facsimile of Wiles, complained about “having to accept” LGBTQ equality, to which Wiles offered an additional dose of hate.

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“When are the American people going to rise up against this Jewish oppression? It is oppression. This is oppression. The American people are oppressed by Jewish tyrants,” said Wiles.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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