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Anti-Vaxx Flat Earther Dies of COVID-19 After Predicting His Own Death

Anti-Vaxx Flat Earther Dies of COVID-19 After Predicting His Own Death

A vaccine-opposing, Flat Earth preacher has died from complications related to COVID-19, The Daily Beast reported on Thursday.

Rob Skiba, the founder and chief operations officer of King’s Gate Media, became infected with the coronavirus over the summer at the Take On The World biblical Earth conference. On its first day, Skiba took to Facebook to carp about what he believed were the dangers posed by COVID-19 vaccines.

“To those who disagree with my position on our current situation… One of us is right,” he prophetically wrote. “Unless YHWH miraculously intervenes, based on what I’m seeing/hearing, the one scenario that really does appear to be coming into focus is the likelihood that within I’d say 2 to 3 years or so… one of us will probably be dead. Truly, I take no joy in saying this, nor will I if I’m the one still standing.”

Skiba was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia. He was admitted to the hospital on September 6th and placed on a ventilator with dangerously low levels of oxygen in his blood. No official cause of death has been publicly released as of this publication.

Members of his community found out about his passing and began authoring eulogistic messages to honor his memory.

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“Whether you agree or disagree with him on a particular subject, you can’t help but love his genuine, authentic, loving, disarming, comical approach to very polarizing content,” one friend wrote. “What a great teacher.”

Skiba was also an author of numerous books, a television and movie producer, and a former sergeant in the United States Army.

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