Anti-Vaccine Protester Charged With Felony For Throwing Menstrual Cup Full Of Blood At Lawmakers

A California resident, reportedly upset over state lawmakers’ decision to curtail non-medical exemptions for vaccines for students of public schools, was charged this week for using a menstrual cup full of blood as a means of protest.

Image of Dalelio, via Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office; CA Senate, via David Monniaux/Wikimedia

Rebecca Dalelio, 43, threw the menstrual cup, including its contents, from the visitor’s gallery of the California State Senate in September, the Los Angeles Times reported. The incident happened on the last day of the legislative session.

Ten senators are named in the official complaint against Dalelio. Because of the splatter of the blood on desks and onto senators’ bodies themselves, a few of the lawmakers left the room immediately after they were hit with the blood to go shower. One had to be treated for blood exposure the following day.

Dalelio is charged with two crimes — assault on a public official, a felony, as well as vandalism for a separate incident that occurred that same day as well. She faces up to 3 years in jail if found guilty.

It’s believed that Dalelio’s actions were taken due to her strong anti-vaccination beliefs. Earlier in the day, Dalelio had taken part in protests against a bill that was passed and signed into law the same month she allegedly tossed the menstrual cup onto lawmakers’ bodies.

As the cup was thrown from the gallery, a voice could be heard yelling out that the action occurred “for the dead babies,” KTLA reported.

Senate Bill 276, which Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law, requires public health officials to review exemptions’ rationales at schools that have vaccination rate lower than 95 percent, HuffPost reported.

The law also requires a review of any doctor that issues out more than five exemptions in a single year, and allows the state to revoke exemptions given out to students if it’s deemed it was done so in a fraudulent way, or without medical necessity.

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