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Anti-Trump Ad: “Biden For President. He’s Not A Whiny B*tch.”

Anti-Trump Ad: “Biden For President. He’s Not A Whiny B*tch.”

rump ad says Biden isn't a whiny bitch

A series of political ads recently have focused on why Donald Trump would be a bad choice in November. A new one, released since Trump’s Saturday rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, focuses on Trump’s own words. It’s a clip of Trump in Tulsa, edited to add commentary. Most of the 90-second ad is Trump explaining why walking down a ramp at West Point was so hard for him, before the ad cuts to Joe Biden running up the same ramp.

rump ad says Biden isn't a whiny bitch
[Screenshot via Twitter/FindAClearTruth]

The ad cuts between Trump in Tulsa on June 20, explaining his ramp trip, and the actual event at West Point Military Academy a week before. As Trump describes the experience, commentary is added, mocking Trump’s story. There’s even a little snow edited in when Trump complains that the ramp was like an ice-skating rink. At the end, there’s a plug for Biden: “He’s not a whiny b*tch.”


The video got a bit of a boost when it was shared by the conservative Lincoln Project, which has released many anti-Trump ads of its own. “This is art,” the PAC’s official Twitter account declared.

The Find A CLear Truth account that initially produced and shared the ad had previously shown footage of Biden going down the ramp at West Point, noting that he appeared to do so at a faster pace than Trump.


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Trump had defended his careful descent once already, tweeting the night of the event to describe the ramp as long, steep, and slippery.


Political Flare describes the week between the West Point speech and the rally as one of Trump’s worst politically, citing “diving polls, SCOTUS rulings, Bolton, and then the big weekend, shady firings of Berman at SDNY, and the ‘Tulsa Disaster.'”

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