Anti Shutdown Protester: ‘Sacrifice The Weak’ To Reopen America

Everyone has been frustrated with the fact that the world is essentially shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some people are taking it to the extreme.

Justin Rosario/Twitter

One protester against the nation’s lockdown status stood at a protest holding a sign that essentially said that people who are more susceptible to the horrible effects of the coronavirus should just be allowed to die to save the economy.

Protester Adrienne Hitch said to Tennessee’s News Channel 9:

“We have no problem being shut down, but we can’t afford to stay shut down if we don’t have some kind of an income coming in.”

This is understandable, but some may view it as unbelievably callous to suggest that money is worth more than American lives. The local news station snapped a photo of a sign reading the following:

“Sacrifice the weak — reopen TN [Tennessee].”

The local news station said that there were “dozens” of people out protesting the shutdown orders.

Here is a tweet of part of the rally:

It seems that in some corners of America, COVID-19 has stripped our humanity away. There were times in recent history where a “just let them die” mentality would have been unthinkable among large groups of people.

These people that this woman is talking about also include those who are on the front lines saving our lives and keeping things running, such as grocery store and gas station clerks, fire response people, police officers, and, of course, doctors and nurses. We would be nowhere without them.

They are not “the weak,” as this sign so callously reads. And neither are the elderly people in nursing homes, or people who are unfortunate enough to catch this cursed disease who have other health problems. They are our fellow Americans, and we should value their lives.

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