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Anti-Masking ‘Freedom Rally’ Organizer in Texas Has ‘No Hope’ to Recover From COVID

Anti-Masking ‘Freedom Rally’ Organizer in Texas Has ‘No Hope’ to Recover From COVID

A Texas man who helped organize protests against pandemic restrictions is fighting for his life after being hospitalized for nearly a month with COVID-19. Caleb Wallace’s doctor has told his pregnant wife, Jessica, that there is “no hope” for Caleb to recover from his bout with the Coronavirus.

Since August 8th, Caleb, a 30-year-old father of three (soon to be four), has laid unconscious, heavily sedated in an intensive care unit at Shannon Hospital. A mechanical ventilator pumps fresh oxygen into his lungs, which have been crippled by the virus. His young children constantly ask for him, according to his wife, but their video messages to him are one-sided because he can’t answer them, and most likely never will. By Saturday, August 21st, Caleb had spent more than 12 days on a ventilator. His chances of recovery are “slim to none” without advanced medical care, Jessica says.


In July, Caleb Wallace reportedly helped organize “The Freedom Rally,” an event that billed itself as a protest against the “government being in control of our lives.” He also founded “The San Angelo Freedom Defenders,” which hosted a rally last year to “end COVID tyranny.”

He wrote a letter in April to the San Angelo Independent School District, which was published by a local news outlet, outlining his demands for the school district to “rescind ALL COVID-related policies immediately.” He falsely claimed that wearing masks had harmful effects on children and that there was “little evidence that masks worked for anyone.”


Unfortunately, the Wallaces aren’t the only Texas family in crisis due to the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” There were 11,762 cases of the virus reported within a 24-hour window last week, according to state health data released August 20th, a number far surpassing the roughly 3,300 cases reported across Texas on July 20, barely over one month ago. Health officials reported 12,841 Texans were hospitalized on August 20th with COVID-19, pushing some healthcare systems to their breaking point as 330 staffed ICU beds were left in a state of about 30 million people.

When he first felt symptoms on July 26, his wife says, he refused to get tested or seek medical care. He instead began treating himself with a cocktail of Vitamin C, zinc, aspirin, and ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug that has been falsely promoted as an effective treatment for COVID-19 by conservative media. He was taken to the hospital on July 30th.

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Amid a new wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across Texas, driven by the virulent and highly contagious Delta variant of the virus, only 47% of Texas’s eligible population has been fully vaccinated.

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