Anti-Masker Steers Florida School Board Meeting Off the Rails

File this one under “Because Florida”.

Parents in Collier County had circulated a petition (which has close to 3,000 signatures) demanding the school district make masks optional, and they showed up outside the school district headquarters Tuesday afternoon to protest as board members met. But the school board meeting had to be recessed after the anti-maskers took over the proceedings, with one woman calling for everyone in the room to remove their masks at the very start of the meeting as a way to “stand up for our children”.

WATCH: School board meeting goes off the rails after woman tells everyone to rip off their face masks

The woman and her fellow anti-maskers were escorted out of the building, but continued to protest outside after the meeting resumed.

Ironically, public health experts then delivered a presentation showing how much of a danger the novel coronavirus pandemic presents to students and faculty in Collier County.

The issue of schools reopening is one of the biggest concerns to emerge after a year in lockdown. While some school districts around the country are offering in-person learning again, students are returning under strict guidelines in order to maintain the public’s health. Even the smallest break in protocol could lead to an outbreak, but some of the messaging from the previous administration has clearly taken root with some parents who think masks should be an individual choice, as if a virus can skip over one kid to hit another instead.

Misinformation is possibly more deadly than the virus itself. One mom voiced concerns over the health effects the face coverings could have on her children. Both have asthma and she “doesn’t know if wearing a mask all day, every day, is the best option”, when that’s exactly the best option for anyone with asthma.

The school district responded by saying mask-wearing remains a critical approach to safely reopening schools. They added that NCH Healthcare System doctors and other health care officials continue to reiterate the importance of mask-wearing to stop the spread.

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