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Anti-Mask Republican Lawmaker Banned From Flying Gets the Rona

Anti-Mask Republican Lawmaker Banned From Flying Gets the Rona

A Republican lawmaker from Alaska who was banned from commercial flights in April for refusing to wear a mask has tested positive for COVID-19.

Source: Facebook

State Senator Lora Reinbold (R-Eagle River) announced her diagnosis in a Facebook post on Tuesday night in which he boasted about treating her infection with vitamins, methol vapors, aspirin, and ivermectin (which she misspelled) – none of which are approved treatments for COVID-19:

It’s my turn to battle Covid head-on… game on! Who do you think is going to win? When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe. I am completely unimpressed with instructions, on my positive test, that says to go home & take Tylenol (which is contraindicated) until you cannot breathe -a bad recipe from CDC/dept of health. I am taking lots of vitamins ABCD & Quercitin & zinc citrate. Vit E and aspirin to reduce clotting. I am blessed to have gotten Ivirmectin [sic] the ‘de-covider.’ My Vicks steamer has been a Godsend! My naturopath gave me tips too- that I am sure will work! I will update you in a few days. I plan to keep my promise to stay OUT of the hospital- some of them seem like scary places these days.

Last month, Reinbold complained in a typo-riddled Facebook post that she had no means of trekking more than 800 miles to Juneau to do her job. But instead of taking ownership of her actions which caused the problem in the first place, Reinbold blamed Delta and accused the airline of screwing her career.

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“People of Alaska, I was in Juneau for a very long extended session Jan-May, & part of June. I am in Juneau now as the Third (so far unproductive) unspecial session comes to a close Tuesday. I asked to be excused because Delta [sic] last flight out is Sept 11. Sen Steadman & Von Imhoff have asked for longer excusals. To be excused does NOT mean you will not be here, it means the legislative process cannot be inhibited if you are not there. Maybe its [sic] time to proceed on moving the legislature to the road system,” she wrote. “If the only airline, that has flights during session to Juneau, can unconstitutionally impede a legislators [sic] ability to get to the Capital in a safe and timely fashion, it could undermine our representative republic.”

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