Anti-Gay, Trump-Loving Preacher Thinks Pete Buttigieg Belongs In Jail For Talk With 9-Year-Old About Coming Out

It was seen as an inspiring and positive moment for the 2020 presidential campaign. But one preacher thinks it should land a candidate in jail.

While campaigning in Denver, Colorado, last Saturday, a 9-year-old boy named Zachary submitted a question for Democratic candidate for president Pete Buttigieg.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images; RWW Blog/YoutTube

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor is the only openly-gay candidate running for the office of president in this year’s election. Zachary’s question centered on the concept of “bravery,” and how he, too, wanted to be brave, CNN reported.

“Thank you for being so brave. Would you help me tell the world I’m gay, too? I want to be brave like you,” Zachary’s question read.

Buttigieg invited him onstage, where he told Zachary he was already brave for having the guts to come out, in front of everyone gathered at the event. “I don’t think you need a lot of advice for me on bravery. You seem pretty strong to me,” the candidate said.

The interaction between Zachary and Buttigieg was inspiring to millions of Americans. But one preacher, Dave Daubenmire, ranted on his webcast that the interaction sickened him, according to reporting from PinkNews.

“The media says, ‘oh my goodness, what a brave young man!’” Daubenmire said on his online program, mocking the 9-year-old boy.

The online personality also suggested Buttigieg belonged in prison…and used a derogatory altering of his last name to make his point.

“Fifty years ago, they would have thrown Buttfudge in jail for even bringing it up and talking about it in front of a young kid. Everybody clapped for this little boy… we’re so messed up,” Daubenmire said.

Daubenmire said he wished the children’s parents had intervened in a violent manner. “What ever happened to shame? Why didn’t his mommy put him in a headlock and drag him off the [stage]? Where’s his daddy?” he shouted on his show.

“We need to make homosexuality unthinkable again. It needs to go back in the closet,” Daubenmire added.

Daubenmire has been a keynote speaker at Ohio Republican fundraisers, Right Wing Watch has noted, and has even received VIP tickets to campaign rallies for President Donald Trump in the state.

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