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Anti-Gay Pastor Warns Hallmark Channel Against Having Same-Sex Couples In Future Holiday Films

Anti-Gay Pastor Warns Hallmark Channel Against Having Same-Sex Couples In Future Holiday Films

You either love them or you are sick of them: Hallmark Channel holiday films are in full swing for this year, playing nonstop on the channel from here until the end of the season. But a group of people are noticeably absent in the films: the LGBTQ community.

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That might change, according to CEO Bill Abbott. “We’re open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship in any space,” he said in an interview two weeks ago, discussing the possibility of a same-sex couple having starring roles in Hallmark films in the future.

Hallmark and other Crown Media Family Network stations are “looking at pitches” for movies featuring LGBTQ principal casts, Out.com reported, but no plans are set in stone as of yet, Crown’s VP of programming Michelle Vicary added.

That has riled a number of anti-LGBTQ movements in the country, who don’t want to see their beloved Hallmark Channel holiday films feature such individuals. Among those speaking out against the idea is Scott Lively, an anti-LGBTQ pastor who runs Abiding Truth Ministries, a known hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Lively ran for governor of Massachusetts in the 2018 GOP primary but lost by 32 percent of the vote. He’s also known for spreading hateful viewpoints of the LGBTQ community around the world — including in Uganda, where he said some members of the community were “so far from normalcy that they’re killers,” Boston Magazine reported.

“They’re serial killers, mass murderers. They’re sociopaths,” Lively added in that speech. “There’s no mercy at all, there’s no nurturing, no caring about anybody else.”

In subsequent speeches, he told Ugandans that “you can’t stop [LGTBQ individuals] from molesting children or stop them from having sex with animals.”

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So it probably goes without saying that Lively is also opposed to Hallmark giving consideration to same-sex couples being included in its films. Thus far, Lively has expressed concern for the idea, but is happy that nothing is in production yet.

“I’m glad that Hallmark has not capitulated to their agenda thus far, but their answer to these demands is a little vague and kind of concerning, especially in light of just what’s happened with Chick-fil-A,” Lively said.

He added, “It’s killing us as a movement to have people in the business world who won’t stand firm on family values.”

Indeed, others in the far-right religious scene have taken action. A LifeSiteNews petition is urging signers to pressure the network against the decision.

“Hallmark would be offending Christian viewers and Christian parents BIG TIME, by experimenting with homosexual themes, and/or cooperating with the LGBT indoctrination agenda, at all,” the petition reads.

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