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Anthony Fauci Lashes Out Against ‘Mind-Boggling’ COVID-19 Stupidity: ‘Get Rid of These Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories’

Anthony Fauci Lashes Out Against ‘Mind-Boggling’ COVID-19 Stupidity: ‘Get Rid of These Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories’

Doctor Anthony Fauci, the top Infectious Disease Specialist in the United States, has absolutely had it with the insane conspiracy theories and the “mind-boggling” ignorance and stupidity that millions are Americans are demonstrating about COVID-19.

“You have (over 250,000 COVID-19) deaths, 11 million infections and 70,000 people in the hospital. Flu doesn’t even come close,” Fauci said in an interview with the USA Today Editorial Board on Wednesday.

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“When you ask me about frustration, which borders on pain, it’s that either people don’t want to look at the data or they look at the data and they say it’s fake. No, it isn’t fake. … This is a global issue. I tell the people who deny or think that this is nothing, do you mean that every single country in Europe is doing the same thing, is making things up? They’re not. I mean, it’s so obvious,” Fauci said in the interview, which was published on Friday.

President Donald Trump failed to implement a coherent national plan for tackling the virus, leaving individual states to decide what measures to take. Trump’s dishonest, sinister indifference, combined with his claims that COVID-19 is a hoax, not dangerous, and that the economy should be prioritized over human life, has taken a catastrophic tolld on the country.

In the eight months since the pandemic began sweeping through the US, 260,000 people have died and 12 million have become infected. On Thursday, 2,065 Americans lost their lives, and the prognosis for the nation heading into the winter months is bleak.

Hundreds of thousands more are expected to die by the time President-Elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20, and the few economic benefits that the federal government has provided to a struggling population are set to expire at the end of the year, leaving tens of millions of Americans on the brink of financial ruin.

Although Fauci opposes a full-scale national lockdown, “we at least have got to be consistent in doing some fundamental things,” such as wearing masks, socially distancing, hand washing, and avoiding large indoor gatherings, to curb the spread of the coronavirus, he said to USA Today.

Fauci said that he is particularly frustrated by stories of patients with severe cases who still deny the virus is real even after they are hospitalized and put on ventilators.

“I keep saying ‘look at the data,'” Fauci said.

Continuing on, Fauci lamented the “mind-boggling” partisan schisms in the US which are the primary causes of large groups of people buying into false information about COVID-19.

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“We’ve got to say, okay folks, enough is enough with this political divisiveness, with this claiming that people are making things up. Get rid of these ridiculous conspiracy theories and realize this is a public health crisis,” Fauci stressed.

Fauci added that he worries about how much the crisis will be permitted to worsen before people come to their senses.

“This is real,” Fauci told the paper. “If the divisiveness is so severe that people don’t think it’s real when people are flooding hospitals and dying at a rate that we haven’t seen with a disease of this type in 102 years, I hope that’s enough of a stimulus for us to drop back as a nation and say, ‘Hey, folks, we got to start talking to each other about what this divide is between us.'”

Sixty-one days until the inauguration.

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