Anthony Fauci Doubts Plan To Reopen On May 1st Can Work, Finds COVID-19 Briefings ‘Totally Draining’

Infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci has become something of a celebrity due to his appearances at President Donald Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings. He is now speaking out about Trump’s alleged plan to reopen the economy on May 1st.

“We have to have something in place that is efficient and that we can rely on, and we’re not there yet,” Fauci said to the Associated Press.

The White House/Flickr

There have already been reports that Trump is worried about how Fauci’s public statements make him look, so it is still quite possible that Trump will defy the health and safety guidelines set forth by Fauci and other experts and attempt a reopening in May anyway.

Fauci also said to the Associated Press:

“I’ll guarantee you, once you start pulling back there will be infections. It’s how you deal with the infections that’s going count.”

Fauci, who has taken over the microphone on numerous occasions at the daily briefings to clarify or correct Trump’s comments, has described the process as “really draining.” He continued:

“If I had been able to just make a few comments and then go to work, that would have really been much better,. t isn’t the idea of being there and answering questions, which I really think is important for the American public. It’s the amount of time.”

Fauci is always frank and honest, but also diplomatic regarding his role in the coronavirus task force, as well as when it comes to his newfound status as a household name. The 79-year-old doctor could certainly be suffering from overwork at this time, though.

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