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Another Trump Administration Official Denounces Donald Trump and the GOP, Urges Voters to Reject Republicans

Another Trump Administration Official Denounces Donald Trump and the GOP, Urges Voters to Reject Republicans

With just four days remaining until the 2020 presidential election, a former Trump Administration official who describes himself as a “lifelong Republican” who is “exhausted” has denounced his party and President Donald Trump, and is urging voters to reject Republicans when they go to the polls.

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Josh Venable, who served as a chief of staff at the Department of Education, deputy finance director for the Republican National Committee, and chief of staff for the Michigan Republican Party, wrote in a Detriot Times editorial late Thursday night that he “cannot vote for the Republican nominee for president. For the good of the party I have supported my entire life, but more importantly, for the sake of the country I love, I implore all patriotic Republicans to join me.”

President Donald Trump, Venable wrote, “thrives on purposely sowing strife and discord. I have seen it up close and in person. He does so at the expense of the nation’s interests, the health and prosperity of our fellow citizens, alliances forged through generations of sacrifice, and the personal safety of public servants.”

Trump’s waves of attacks on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, has inspired numerous domestic terror threats against her, including a plot that to kidnap and execute the governor that was foiled by the FBI earlier this month.

But Trump never ceased his assaults on Whitmer’s character.

“Instead of a prompt and unequivocal denouncement, the president responded with a chuckle to his supporters’ ‘Lock her up!‘ chants in Muskegon, then decreed: Lock them all up!,'” Venable wrote.

“’The woman in Michigan’ has demonstrated more character than we have ever seen from this president,” Venable said. “While I disagree with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on many issues, I respect her. No governor or governor’s family should ever live in fear that a Twitter tirade from the president could encourage, exacerbate or inflame hostilities against them.”

That, said Venable, represents a tragic failure by the GOP.

“The Republican Party has allowed Trump to mortgage its soul, devolving into nothing more than a morally bankrupt conduit to propagate the president’s politics of division and destruction,” wrote Venable.

“I ask my fellow Republicans: Is this honestly who we are? Are the Pyrrhic victories worth it? I strongly contend they are not,” Venable said.

From Venable’s point of view, the GOP has destroyed itself by kowtowing to Trump:

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I have worked to advance education reform and school choice throughout my career. I am gravely concerned this president’s toxicity may sour a generation on those causes and many others I hold dear – causes that once united and defined the Republican Party.

Venable sees next week’s election as an opportunity for the GOP to right itself, but only if the party takes a massive loss, because it has completely capitulated to Trump and his brand of toxic politics.

“Trump lacks even a modicum of the character the Founders recognized as requisite for the proper functioning of our self-governing Republic,” he said.

“So, yes, I am tired. But I am not ‘tired of winning,’ as you claimed I would be, Mr. President,” wrote Venable. “I am tired of the division, discord, chaos, vitriol and hate. I am tired of your failure and refusal to lead.”

The Republican Party “can – and must – do better,” Venable concluded. “America deserves nothing less from us.”

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