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Another Republican Refuses To Admit Legitimate Defeat, Calls For Election Investigation

Another Republican Refuses To Admit Legitimate Defeat, Calls For Election Investigation

It’s a sad refrain, really. Republicans across the country who lost their elections still refuse to accept the fact that they were defeated because more people voted for their opponent. Nope, they say – the election had to have been rigged. There was voter fraud.

Kelly Loeffler, who lost her runoff election against Rev. Raphael Warnock in January and was booted out of the U.S. Senate, is one of them. On Wednesday she called for the Georgia attorney general to investigate Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his administration of the state’s voting process. In a letter to AG Chris Carr, Loeffler requests that he look into “whether actions taken by Brad Raffensperger … put his political self-interest ahead of the people of Georgia in conducting elections.”

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Her letter claims that her request “is not about the outcome of an election, but about the loss of confidence in our elections and the importance of holding elected officials accountable for upholding the law.” She then goes on to cite her Senate runoff loss and seems to blame Raffensperger. “We saw the impact of reduced faith in elections in the Senate runoffs, where over 339,000 Republican voters who voted in November did not vote in January,” she wrote.

She also suggested that Raffensperger’s disclosure of telephone conversations with former President Donald Trump, which Trump initiated, caused her to lose the election.

“Secretary Raffensperger’s office orchestrated the recording of a call with the President of the United States and subsequently released the recording to the Washington Post just days before the January runoff,” she wrote, “interfering with an election that was already underway by reducing faith in the process and eroding trust in our elected officials.”

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The irony of Loeffler’s request is that she herself spent months on the campaign trail, including appearances with twice-impeached, one term former president Donald Trump, undermining the public’s confidence in the integrity of the election by criticizing the state’s mail-in voting process.

In a statement, Raffensperger rejected her allegations. “Kelly Loeffler’s failure to convince anyone she actually was a Trump supporter is the reason Georgia doesn’t have a Republican Senator or the United States a Republican Senate,” the statement said. “The letter and the allegations in it are laughable.”

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