Another “Psaki-Bomb” Drops on Fox’s Doocy

Fox News has long plied its spurious trade of disinformation through the use of what can only be called memes. Statements that could sound logical enough to be true, but without the backup information to make them actually fact. A good example is the network’s constant railing against liberals’ so-called “war on Christmas.” There never was, of course, a war on Christmas, but Fox ginned up lots of faux outrage over the concept with countless segments in its programming.

“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy led many of those discussions and it seems that his son, Peter, learned that phony technique well at his father’s knee. Peter tried it out in the James Brady White House briefing room on Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday and it didn’t go well for him. Doocy asked what jobs were available for the “thousands” of workers he said would become unemployed as a result of President Joe Biden’s executive order halting construction of the Keystone oil pipeline.

Psaki, who’s been at the spokesperson game a decade longer than the younger Doocy, had questions for the Fox News reporter. “I’d certainly welcome you to present your data about all the thousands and thousands of people that won’t be getting a green job, maybe next time you’re here you can present that,” Psaki graciously offered.

Doocy, whose only job since graduating from Villanova University in 2009 has been with Fox, thought he had the experienced Psaki dead to rights with this follow-up: “Richard Trumpka, he’s a long-time friend of Joe Biden, he says of that day one Keystone deal, he says, ‘I wish the president had paired that more carefully with the things that he did second by saying here’s where we’re creating the jobs. So there’s partial evidence from Richard Trumpka.”

The press secretary was ready, clearly having watched the interview to which the junior Doocy referred. “Well, you didn’t include all of his interview. What Mr. Trumpka also indicated in the same interview is that President Biden has proposed a plan with transformative investments in infrastructure and laid out a plan that will not only create millions of good paying union jobs that also will help tackle the climate crisis.”


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