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Another Of Matt Gaetz’ Associates Just Pled Guilty

Another Of Matt Gaetz’ Associates Just Pled Guilty

Matt Gaetz has not been charged in the sex-trafficking probe that led to a guilty plea by one of his friends, and a lot of public allegations against the Florida legislator. However, the investigation may be closing in now, as another associate and friend just pled guilty.

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It’s been almost a year since the New York Times reported that Gaetz was under investigation as the result of his connections to Joel Greenberg, a Florida tax collector who has since pled guilty to charges including sex trafficking of a child and identity theft.

As the process continued, Gaetz was reported to have taken a 17-year-old girl across state lines for the purposes of sex — which falls under child sex trafficking laws. Lots of other stories have spun up about Gaetz in relation, like stories of him participating in a ‘game’ that consisted of trying to turn colleagues into conquests, and tales from his former classmates of him sharing women’s private photos without their consent.

However, the one allegation that is speculated to result in possible indictments is the 17-year-old alleged victim. Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend has even testified, after requesting immunity for herself.

Now, there’s another guilty plea in his social circle. According to the Daily Beast, Joe Ellicot, known as a radio “shock jock,” has pleaded guilty to fraud regarding “bribes and kickbacks” to a public official, as well as to illegally selling Adderall.

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The public official in question is said to be Joel Greenberg — that’s right, the same Gaetz associate who pled guilty months ago and agreed to cooperate with further investigations.

That’s not the only connection — text messages circulated last year in which Ellicott seemed to refer to the sex-trafficking allegations. Now, his attorney, Joe Zwick, says that Ellicot is specifically helping investigators with Gaetz’ case, and will have a hearing to enter a plea deal in February.

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