Another Loss for the NRA as Group Drops Suit Against New York Attorney General

For decades the National Rifle Organization was one of the most powerful forces in Republican politics. The gun rights group became a cash machine for GOP candidates around the country.

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

The last few years, though, have not been kind to the NRA. The group had a major power struggle at the top which led to major allegations against president Wayne LaPierre. And New York State has been conducting a deep investigation into the organization that might end it once and for all.

In response to the investigation, LaPierre filed a counter suit against the state’s Attorney General, Letitia James. On Friday, the NRA decided to drop that suit.

While “voluntarily” withdrawing the suit, the group blasted James in statement. Lawyers wrote, “Even before assuming office, and without a shred of evidence that the NRA had done anything wrong, Attorney General James vowed to weaponize the supervisory powers of the NYAG to destroy one of the nation’s oldest, largest civil rights organizations.”

James responded to the news, “The NRA dropping its countersuit today in federal court is an implicit admission that their strategy would never prevail. The truth is that Wayne LaPierre and his lieutenants used the NRA as a breeding ground for personal gain and a lavish lifestyle.”

The New York AG continued, “We were victorious against the organization’s attempt to declare bankruptcy, and our fight for transparency and accountability will continue because no one is above the law.”


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