Another Inside Source Dishes On Melania’s True Feelings For Trump And Stepkids

With a book coming out next week reportedly based on recordings that document Melania Trump speaking disparagingly about her husband and his adult children, another Trump insider decided to share what he knows about the First Lady. Noel Casler, who worked on the set of Celebrity Apprentice and has been sharing his stories about the family for years, says that Melania hates her husband, and that she’s dangerous in the White House.

Melania Trump allegedly hates Donald
[Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) via Getty Images]

Noel Casler tweeted the morning after Melania’s Republican National Convention speech to make certain claims about her character and her relationship with Donald Trump. He says the First Lady is “cold as ice,” and hates her husband and stepkids — and minorities.

Casler even tagged Melania’s official Twitter account. His disclosures throughout Trump’s presidency have been an open invitation for either enforcement of his non-disclosure agreement, or a defamation or libel case. However, the Trump family has never openly reacted to anything Casler has shared.

His claims of rocky relations between Melania and her husband aren’t new. There’s the book coming out next week by Melania’s one-time friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, for which she reportedly caught on tape the First Lady trashing her husband and stepkids. Then, there are the longstanding stories that Melania doesn’t live with her husband, and has a boyfriend that’s an open secret.

According to Political Flare, novelist Monica Byrne has claimed that Melania is in a relationship with the head of security in the Tiffany’s in Trump Tower. The president and his wife are even alleged to have been in divorce proceedings that were put on hold when Trump won the 2016 election.

Casler has previously said that Melania lived apart from Donald Trump even long before his presidency, though.

The relationship between Trump and his family has been a matter of public speculation all along. A clip from his inauguration in 2017 went viral with people speculating on exactly what was said, as Melania held a frozen smile while her husband spoke to her, and the expression dropped off her face the second he turned away.

While the relationship behind closed doors can’t really be confirmed, stories are now coming from multiple insiders — at least one of whom allegedly has evidence on tape — suggesting that Melania’s relationship with Donald, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka is strained at best.

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