Another General Just Endorsed Joe Biden

Retired Four-Star Air Force General Chuck Boyd has publicly endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, adding his name to a list of hundreds of former military leaders who want to see President Donald Trump lose.

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Boyd expressed doubt about American democracy’s capacity to survive four more years of Trump.

“As I watched him over the years, my unease with his presidency has increased. It increased to the point that I believe that our democracy will be in shatters by the time he has served two terms,” Boyd explained in an interview with National Public Radio on Thursday. “While I am reticent about getting involved in presidential politics by any military men, in this case, keeping out of the political process is something I don’t feel like I can do.”

Boyd recalled to NPR the moment he realized the danger Trump poses:

I think the point at which he began telling the American people that the election process itself was fraudulent, that mail-in balloting was a disaster, was terrible. I thought if our citizens lose faith in how they go about electing their leaders, then democracy itself is at risk, at deep risk. That’s the point at which I said I’ve got to get involved in this in some way.

Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia is particularly concerning because it is eroding faith in democracy in the United States and abroad, Boyd continued:

What really worries me — and this is one of the objectives of the Russians for a long time — is to cause people to lose faith in democratic processes. A lot of other countries, fragile democracies, look to the United States as an example of democracy in action. And when they see our democratic processes not functioning, then I think other nations lose faith in their own process.

Boyd added that Trump’s recurrently disparaging remarks about members of the military also led him to back Biden:

I found it sickening — and I believe it by the way. To know that the commander in chief holds those who serve in disdain, that’s a knife right straight into the heart of any military man. … To call those people suckers is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine. That’s one of the reasons I’ve made the commitment to support and endorse Joe Biden for president.

Boyd’s endorsement was first posted to YouTube on September 24:

My name is Chuck Boyd. General. Retired. I spent 36 years in the United States Air Force; almost seven of those as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Since my return I’ve been a Republican, but quietly. I fervently believe that military officers should not get involved with presidential politics, even when retired. But this year is different. Donald Trump’s assault on the rule of law that makes the democracy possible has been so egregious I’ve decided to speak out. We have an alternative. If we want a working democracy in 2024, we need to vote for Joe Biden this year. I’m gonna vote for him. I hope you do too.

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