Another Donald Trump Tweet Flagged For Abusive Behavior

When Twitter started flagging tweets by President Donald Trump that violate the site’s rules, Trump pushed back, threatening consequences for social media networks. Since then, the site has maintained a policy of leaving Trump’s tweets up, but flagging them for false information or rule violations where appropriate. Now, the president is deemed to be in violation of Twitter’s rules again, this time for threatening ‘serious force’ if protestors attempt to set up an ‘autonomous zone’ in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump abusive behavior on Twitter, network rules
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In Seattle, protestors set up what they called an ‘autonomous zone’ — a space they’re not letting law enforcement and other officials enter. They’ve spray-painted ‘people’ over the word ‘police,’ Curbed reports, so that the local station now reads “Seattle People Department.” They’re definitely inciting mixed emotions in residents, and Mayor Jenny Durkan said on Tuesday that the city plans to take back the area and send protestors home.

Donald Trump tweeted about the protest area Tuesday morning, declaring that if such a thing was tried in D.C., protestors would be “met with serious force.”

By Tuesday afternoon, the tweet was covered with a warning. “This tweet violated the Twitter Rules about abusive behavior,” it reads. “However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

[Screenshot via Twitter/Donald Trump]

Upon clicking through, a user can still view the tweet, though the disclaimer remains appended.

Donald Trump's tweet is abusive, twitter says, but still visible
[Screenshot via Twitter/Donald Trump]

When Trump learned of the first few tweets to be flagged in this way, he accused Twitter of censorship and said that social media unfairly limits messages from conservatives.

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