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Another Christian Editor Makes Headlines — This Time, For What He Refused To Write About Trump

Another Christian Editor Makes Headlines — This Time, For What He Refused To Write About Trump

The Christian Post, a Christian-based magazine that speaks primarily to Evangelical readers, issued a blistering rebuttal to a rival paper this week, arguing in favor of supporting President Donald Trump during the current impeachment process he’s presently facing.

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But the Post’s commentary, published on Monday, didn’t generate the same headlines that Christianity Today’s editorial, in favor of removing Trump through impeachment, did. That’s partially because one of the members of the editorial board at the Post opted to resign his position rather than endorse, silently or proactively, the viewpoint that Trump should not be impeached.

When he was alerted that the Post was planning to back Trump during the impeachment saga, Napp Nazworth chose to resign as an editor at the paper. “I said that’s not something I can support,” Nazworth said in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

The Post lambasted Christianity Today’s editorial, calling it “toxic emotional and spiritual stew” on its pages. It also cited the words of Franklin Graham, who said that Christianity Today’s founder, Billy Graham, voted for Trump and supported him, shortly before the elder Graham passed away — though other members of the Graham family dispute that, and say Billy Graham would have backed Christianity Today’s editorial.

Nazworth said it was the Post that changed its views, and not him. He pointed out in 2016 that the paper wrote an editorial against Trump, when he was a Republican candidate hoping to gain that party’s nomination.

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“We all agreed back then and understood who Donald Trump was. I didn’t change my mind about Donald Trump, but some of the other editors did,” Nazworth said, stating that the editorial they wrote then called Trump “a scam.”

As he departed from his position, he said he left the company with a warning.

“I warned them. If you go down this road and join team Trump, then that will destroy the reputation of The Christian Post,” Nazworth said. “We had reached the impasse and I really had no other choice but to leave.”

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