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An Anonymous White Supremacist Group is Recruiting Across Social Media

An Anonymous White Supremacist Group is Recruiting Across Social Media

A new far-right, white supremacist group is recruiting across mainstream and fringe social media platforms. The group, known as the ‘Hundred Handers’ takes its name from Greek mythology. The ‘hundred-handed ones’ were the three children of the Titans Uranus and Gaea. Each one had one hundred hands and fifty heads and possessed superhuman strength.

The group promotes anonymity. Each prospective member is prompted to send an email with their nearest city to an address shared on social media. They will then receive a zip file from ‘the head.’ They are then expected to print the material in the zip file and begin distributing it in public places.

On the first of each month, ‘the hands,’ as members are known, receive a sticker pack from ‘the head’ and are expected to stick the stickers in public places. On the stickers are inflammatory slogans such as, “we’re under attack,” “it’s okay to be white,” “reject white guilt,” “witness the reality of mass immigration,” “tired of anti-white propaganda?,” “multi-culturalism kills,” “feminism is cancer,” and “import the third world, become the third world.”

Some of their slogans are also anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic. Two pictures posted on the group’s Twitter page feature the slogans “No 2 Kosher,” and “No 2 Halal.”

Many of the stickers contain QR codes for people to scan. Some of these QR codes direct scanners to white-supremacist news and TV networks like Red Ice, while others direct them to an anti-immigration YouTube video entitled, “With Open Gates: the Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations.”

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The group’s rules dictate that there is to be “no public or private disclosure of membership,” emphasizing that the operation “relies on the anonymity of its participants.” They also mandate that only official material sent by ‘the head’ can be disseminated in public, however, it notes that ‘hands’ are invited to pass suggestions for content up the chain of command for the head’s approval.

The group currently appears most active in Europe, with many pictures depicting stickers posted in public spaces in the UK and Holland. However, the group boasts of having a wide “international network” of hands.

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