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Anonymous WH Op-Ed Writer’s New Book Will Feature Details Of Conversations With Trump

Anonymous WH Op-Ed Writer’s New Book Will Feature Details Of Conversations With Trump

The anonymous writer of a New York Times op-ed from last year, which detailed how a number of White House officials working with President Donald Trump were also part of a “resistance” movement to his more outlandish policy goals, is set to tell more of their story to readers in a book set to be released this year.

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As prior reporting from HillReporter.com noted, the book, which is due out in less than a month, will be entitled “A WARNING.” The identity of the anonymous official (or former official, as it’s unknown presently whether they’re still a part of the administration) will remain unknown even after the book is published.

The book will reportedly serve two purposes: to inform Americans in general of Trump’s more outlandish and disturbing behavior, and to persuade Trump supporters who are possibly wavering on him to vote against the incumbent president in the 2020 presidential election next year.

New details about the book emerged on Friday through reporting from Axios. According to that publication, the anonymous author plans to include within their book details of direct conversations they had with the president, including notes from meetings they attended with him.

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The reporting from Axios also included details about the book’s cover, including a snippet from the back of the book that delves into more of its contents.

“You will hear a great deal from Donald Trump directly, for there is no better witness to his character than his own words,” the back of the book cover reads.

In addition to publishing a book that details some of the more controversial behaviors of the president, the author also plans to give at least one interview regarding the book’s contents and their interactions with Trump. Whom that interview will go to, and the conditions under which the author will agree to speak under, have yet to be disclosed.

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