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Ann Coulter: Trump ‘Will Very Likely Not Finish His Term’

Ann Coulter: Trump ‘Will Very Likely Not Finish His Term’

Career propagandist Ann Coulter took time away from making her usual vile and totally baseless comments to talk about the likelihood that Trump’s supporters are going to stop their support if the President’s border wall is not funded in the near future.

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Coulter, competing with Fox News’ Sean Hannity over their obsession with Trump building a wall across the southern border, appeared to mock President Trump over his latest claim that the new NAFTA deal will help pay for his border wall. Coulter, like many other rabid right-wing pundits, seems to think that Trump is softening his stance on the wall and that it will be his downfall.

Coulter told The Daily Caller that his presidency will not come to a premature halt over Russia or Michael Cohen, but rather as a result of his inaction on building a wall.

Either Trump never intended to build a wall and was scamming voters from the beginning or he hasn’t the first idea in how to get it done and no interest in finding out…My prediction is his support will evaporate and Trump will very likely not finish his term and definitely not be elected to a second term.

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Coulter could simply be deflecting from the Mueller and SDNY Southern District Court investigations. However, she may also be correct in her assessment. Trump’s most ardent supporters have been demanding the costly wall for years and so far he has completely failed to deliver on one of his biggest campaign promises.

In the meantime, Coulter, who wrote the 2016 book “In Trump We Trust” seems to be softening on the President’s ability to lead as the month’s carry on. In August, she had gone so far as to proclaim “I’ve never seen such a bad dealmaker.”

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